Sea Control

Sea Control 344 - The Western Indian Ocean's Militarization Dilemma

Episode Summary

Host, Editor and Producer Alexia Bouallagui talks with Dr. Christian Bueger and Dr. Jan Stockbruegger about their recent paper in the African Security Review, “Maritime security and the Western Indian Ocean’s militarization dilemma”. They analyze the situation in the Western Indian Ocean using the concept of the militarization dilemma. The surge of naval activity and strategic competition in the region is a worrying yet underappreciated trend and confronts the Western Indian Ocean with a dilemma. The region relies on external military actors to protect vital shipping lanes, but the presence of these actors also risks importing geopolitical tensions that could undermine regional maritime stability.

Episode Notes


1. Maritime Security and the Western Indian Ocean's Militarization Dilemma, by Christian Bueger and Jan Stockbruegger, African Security Review, April 4, 2022. 

2. Safe Seas