Sea Control

Sea Control 299 - Maritime Insecurity in the Age of Revolutions

Episode Summary

Dr. Vanessa Mongey and Dr. Tyson Reeder discuss their new books, Rogue Revolutionaries and Smugglers, Pirates and Patriots in a discussion that covers the role the maritime space played in spreading revolution in the western hemisphere during the “Age of Revolutions.” This episode was edited and produced by Marie Williams.

Episode Notes


1. Rogue Revolutionaries: The Fight for Legitimacy in the Greater Caribbean, by Vanessa Mongey, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020.
2. Smugglers, Pirates and Patriots: Free Trade in the Age of Revolution, by Tyson Reeder, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019.
3. Sea Control 239: “Things Done By Halves” by Walker Mills with Dr. BJ Armstrong, CIMSEC, April 11, 2021. 
4. Dr. Mongey’s Website.