Sea Control

Sea Control 293 - Cyber Threats & Chokepoints with Dr. Diane Zorri & Dr. Gary Kessler

Episode Summary

Dr. Diane Zorri and Dr. Gary Kessler join the program to discuss irregular warfare at the intersection of the maritime and cyber domains. This episode was edited and produced by Alexia Bouallagui.

Episode Notes


1. "Cyber Threats and Choke Points: How Adversaries are Leveraging Maritime Cyber Vulnerabilities for Advantage in Irregular Warfare," by Dr. Diane Zorri and Dr. Gary Kessler, Modern Warfare Institute, September 8, 2021.
2. Cross Domain IW Threats to SOF Maritime Missions: Implications for U.S. SOF, by Dr. Gary Kessler and Dr. Diane Zorri, Joint Special Operations University Report 21-4, 2021.