Sea Control

Sea Control 231 - Not So Disruptive After All with Dr. Ian Bowers & Dr. Sarah Kirchberger

Episode Summary

Dr. Ian Bowers and Dr. Sarah Kirchberger join Sea Control to discuss how Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies might disrupt sea control and ultimately integrate into international navies. Note from the producers: During our recent site migration, we became aware there are two separate "feeds" for the Sea Control podcast. We have no control over the original feed, run through a site named Feedburner. On the various streaming services (Apple podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc), the "old feed" is labeled as Sea Control - CIMSEC. The "new feed" is labeled simply Sea Control and includes in its description "CIMSEC's flagship podcast..." For those fans of Sea Control, we would recommend switching to the new feed to ensure continuity, e.g. if you follow the "old feed," episode 228 appeared with incorrect audio. Thanks to you, our loyal audience, for your continued support!

Episode Notes


1. "Not So Disruptive After All: The 4IR, Navies and the Search for Sea Control," Dr. Ian Bowers and Dr. Sarah Kirchberger, Nov. 25, 2020

2. "Advancing Autonomous Systems: An Analysis of Current and Future Technology for Unmanned Maritime Vehicles," Bradley Martin, Danielle Tarraf, Thomas Whitmore, Jacob DeWeese, Cedric Kenney, Jon Schmid, and Paul DeLuca, 2019.