Sea Control

Sea Control 163 - Japanese-US Maritime Intersections in the 1860s with Dr. Nyri Bakkalian

Episode Summary

Dr. Nyri Bakkalian (@riversidewings) joins the podcast to discuss Robert Bruce Van Valkenburgh, the ex-CSS Stonewall, William Barker Cushing and the Japanese Civil War!

Episode Notes


1. Van Valkenburgh's Communications to Secretary of State Seward

2. Japan Center for Asian Historical Records scans of Kotetsu-kan Shuryo Tenmatsu (The Particulars of the Kotetsu’s Acquisition)

3. Naval History and Heritage Command, on W.B. Cushing

4. Van Valkenburgh to SecState Seward, on the Stonewall’s arrival and the question of its handover

5. Van Valkenburgh’s listing in C-SPAN’s records

6. Listing for USN surgeon Samuel Pellman Boyer’s journal 

7. Second Listing for USN surgeon Samuel Pellman Boyer's Journal

8. USS Shenandoah’s listing on DANFS 

9. Naval History and Heritage Command bio on Admiral H.H. Bell, CO of the Asiatic Squadron, who died in the water off Osaka just before the war of 1868